Bar Hemingway, Paris Scheduled to Close

Ever have one of those places that you’ve read about, seen in the movies and in the magazines, and then said to yourself “one day I’ll get there”?  For me that place is the Ritz Paris’, Bar Hemingway, and now that news has surfaced that this bar will be closing (Ritz Paris is undergoing a two year renovation), I find myself recalling the old adage “never put off to tomorrow, what you can do today” (something like that).

For those of you who are not familiar with Bar Hemingway, let me just say this, it is run by who is hands down known as one of the best bartenders in the world (Colin Field), with deep reaching experience; the atmosphere and aesthetics ooze history and hints of going-ons from yesterday (very picturesque); and the cocktails are strong and will have you remembering the days when cocktails were COCKTAILS.

If you are not fond of history, but love literature, then explaining the history behind the name of the bar will get you going.  The story goes that in 1944 Earnest Hemingway walked into the Ritz, and despite the audible WWII gunfire just outside, ordered a stiff drink and that was the beginning of his great love affair with the place. His frequent visits then lead the Ritz to name the bar ‘Hemingway’. The interior design gives a lot to it’s namesake, but also recognizes other talented literary authors, such as Marcel Proust.

I can only hope that when the Ritz Paris opens after renovations, the look, air and feel of today’s Bar Hemingway will remain.