Cantina Terre Del Barolo, Barolo 2006

If you know me, then you’ll know that Barolo, by far, is my favourite wine from the Nebbiolo varietal. My time spent in Italy last year gave me a chance to really explore wines from this country, leading me to fall in love with wines from the Piedmonte region, especially a smooth Barolo!  Nonetheless, I was filled with excitement to know that  today’s wine review was the Cantina Terre Del Barolo, Barolo 2006. Now, admittingly, this is not my hands down favourite Barolo that I have tried, but just the colour alone and the confirming first sip sures up the fact that you are drinking that formidable wine called Barolo.  This wine was a bit more woody than the Barolo’s I have had in the past, but it was still a crowd hit and one I would by again. It has hints of rose and given 20 minutes to breath, the tanin smooths out nicely

This Barolo is more mildly priced than others you can find out there and retails at the LCBO for $24.95