Urban Uco Malbec/Tempranillo, 2010

Well, I have to be honest, while browsing the vintages, I was drawn to this wine, not so much because of its technical makeup, but because of it’s design.   However, with that being said, a deeper review of it’s makeup, made it clear that it was not just the design that was worth a deeper inspection.

This Malbec, Tempranillo blend, was an interesting wine.  Once poured and given my standard 20 minutes to breathe, the first sip hit me with the boldness of grape and alcohol.  I then let it stand for an additional 15 minutes and although the same boldness of the two sentiments still existed, they were a little softer.

To gain additional input on this wines style, I had others try some.  Their first utterance was that there was a lot of alcohol in the wine and they were dumfounded when I shared that the alcohol contents equated to, what was a normal, 14 per cent.

If I had to liken this wine to something else, I would say it reminded me of the old, everyday man’s wine, such as ‘Star of the East’, a sweet Jewish wine my parents used to drink, in the 70’s and 80’s.  It was the kind of wine that when you drank it, it was blatantly and harshly obvious that you were drinking an alcohol based beverage.

On technical terms, this wine benefits from the high altitudes, the appellation control of the Mendoza region, and coming from a forward thinking wine maker, who is currently investing in an 8 million dollar facility, fully outfitted with the latest technology.

Overall, I would say that although I do not plan to keep this wine on my ‘repeat buy’ list, I would not place it on my ‘do not buy’.  I would try it again.

This wine can be found in your vintage section and retails for $13.95 in your LCBO