10 White Wine Facts to Get You Ready for ‘Spring Whites’ Celebration

By now, you should all know that here at the WineHobbyist headquarters, we are celebrating Spring Whites; meaning that we’re going to drink an unprecedented amount of white wine this month, and review them all throughout.  (Truth; we’re not die-hard white wine drinkers, so committing to Spring Whites, throughout all of spring is a bit ambitious).  Nonetheless, when I told some of our WineHobbyist friends that we were focusing on whites this month, we got a lot of naysayers coming to the forefront.  Turns out that white wines aren’t really loved by our wine circle at large.  So, knowing that, we thought we would share some interesting facts about white wine’s, in hopes to change your minds.  Hope you enjoy!

1. The worlds most expensive bottle of white wine, ran the new owner a measly £75,000
2. Chardonnay is a member of the Pinot family
3. The ideal chilling temperature for a white wine is 7 to to 10 degrees Celsius
4. White wines contain antioxidants that are heart healthy – not as heart healthy as reds mind you, but still…
5. Gewurztraminer dates back to the middle-ages and has it’s earliest history starts in Italy, despite the name
6. Standard dry white wines usually come with the cost of 110 calories.  The more sweeter wines, such as a Gewurztraminer, run us about 122 calories, per glass
7. Another name for Pinot Gris is Pinot Beurot
8. Volume sales of white wine in the US have increased by 6.4%
9. Some white wine comes from red skinned grapes, where only the juice is used, avoiding the red pigment from the skin from skewing the wine colour
10. In the 1600’s the thermometer was filled with Brandy instead of mercury (yes, I know this last fact has nothing to do with wine, but I couldn’t resist!)