3 Stones Gewürztraminer, 2008, New Zealand

This white wine was added to our Spring Whites to give our collection of white wines this month, some geographical variances and I will say that I am glad it was added, as it gave a different style of complexity, compared to the whites we’ve already reviewed.

This 3 Stones Gewürztraminer, was interesting as its strong lychee taste led for an interesting palate experience and while it differs from some of the Gewürztraminer’s we’ve had from Germany for example, it could stand up on its own in this category. While I cannot say this will be a white that I will purchase again, if you are fond of lychee martinis, you’ll find this white pleasant. I will also say that if you are a true and deep Gewürztraminer fan, you may be slightly disappointed with this one.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $13.95 and can be found in the vintages section.

Score – 3/5