The Business of Wine Glasses

Just recently, I decided to join the ‘Jones’ and change the style of red wine glass I use at home. As you are all well aware, the trend has been to go with a flat bottomed, rounded glass, resembling an impregnated old-fashion glass.   However, I made the wine glass change begrudgingly, holding on to my stemmed glasses as long as I could, and holding true to the fact that I like to drum to my own beat.  Nonetheless, I now report that I have broken 50 per cent of the new red wine glasses that I purchased, proving that as with wine, a wine glass is of personal preference.

If we focus on the historic reasoning behind the wine glass, we’ll find that almost all of the glasses today, fit the utilitarian wine glass check list.

  • Wine glasses were meant to be crystal clear, allowing the true colour of the wine to be seen.
  • Wine glasses were shaped to allow a useful amount of air to touch the wine itself, improving its pace of readiness for the palate.
  • The wide rim of a red wine glass is shaped as such, as it allows that while you sip the wine, you are able to easily smell the bouquet scents of it.
  • White wine glasses must be stemmed so that while holding the glass your fingers will not taint the temperature of the chilled white you are consuming.

So with all of the above in mind, I remain steadfast in my belief that a wine glass is to reflect the owner of said glass, and that before the next dinner party, I am heading out in search of the perfect wine glass for me – and just a warning friends… my new glass collection could very well be stemmed!

Photo courtesy of: Mary Wells