Domaine Saint Rémy Réserve Pinot Gris 2009, France.

This weekend we had what was probably our first bout of consistently nice weather, here in Toronto.  Given this, I took to hosting a quick sit down before our dinner outing, on my roof top patio.  I had invited avid red wine drinkers, but was insistent that we were going to drink white.  One of the whites we had was the Domaine Saint Rémy Réserve Pinot Gris 2009, from France.  It was actually the first wine served and a instant winner.  Not too long after the first sip, I had those red wine aficionados asking for details of the wine and its labeling, so that they too could pick it up.  It’s a shame this wine was not done in our ‘Spring Whites’ series, as I think it would have given our number one pick a run for its money.

This Pinot Gris, was dryer than normal, but still had the perfect blend between acid and sugars, and this is probably a big contributing factor on as to why my red lovers immediately liked this.  Upon drinking it, you get a crisp feel that refreshes, as the hints of melon, peach and some citrus are detected on the palate.   Though we were having only cheese and fruit as our pre-dinner nibble, I could easily see pairing this wine up with a myriad of other things- fish, chicken and pork immediately come to mind.

This wine has a great length and is best served at a temperature of 10° celsius.

So, planning your first spring/summer get together? The Domaine Saint Rémy Réserve Pinot Gris 2009, from France, is a good way to kick off the season!

This wine retails in LCBO for $18.95 and can be found in the vintages section.

Score – 5/5