In celebration of International Chardonnay Day yesterday, I decided to do a review of a few Chardonnay’s I had on stock, from around the world: From France I had Louis Latour’s Ardèche Chardonnay; from Chile a Carmen Wines Chardonnay; from California Mount Eden Vineyards Edna Valley Chardonnay; and finally from Canada I cheated a bit and did a Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio blend, from the Steven & Chris Trend Wines collection.


Steven & Chris Trend Chardonnay Pinot Grigio, 2009, Canada: Before I even get into the wine itself, I’ll first say that I was quite impressed with the labeling of the bottle. They did a good job here. Nonetheless, the stuff you’re waiting for… how the wine fared.

It took some time to get something substantial when nosing this wine, but when I did, I was hit with a delightful sweet fruit scent, some spice and green apple. On the palate, this blend was a real kicker and in a good way. Your first sip calls out a big burst of taste. Their varietal blend, plus a great balance on the acidity levels, caused the palate to react as it would to a light sparkling, but despite its complex and exciting taste this wine provides only a moderate finish.

This wine retails in the LCBO for $13.95 and get’s a score of 4.5/5 from us. This is indeed a great buy and a great addition to any patio gathering.

Louis Latour Ardèche Chardonnay, 2009, France: I was excited to open this one and indulge as I expect only the best when tasting a wine from France that I carefully pick out. Nosing this wine brought out a deep floral bouquet type scent. It really was reminiscent to what your home smells like, with fresh-cut flowers in the mix. On the palate, there is nothing to say, but that this wine was ridiculously smooth and nicely finished, with the acidity level playing the right part in this production. Tasting the wine also highlights its complexity, as you will note a lot of citrus fruit, but also a touch of tobacco; an interesting palate experience when noting that it’s coming from a Chardonnay. Unlike the blend above, you will get an extremely strong and long finish from this one.

This wine retails in the LCBO for $13.50 and get’s a score of 4/5 from us. Another great buy!

Carmen Reserva Chardonnay, 2011, Chile: I decided to include Carmen wines in this Chardonnay review, simply because of how fond I am of there Carmenere. Nonetheless, by far this wine was the one I enjoyed smelling the most. I found myself nose down in the glass, time after time. It provides a strongly fruity scent, filled with citrus fruits and green apple. On the palate however, we were not as delighted. We found it high in acidity and what’s more, the acidity level did not play well with the rest of the wines composition.

This Carmen Reserva Chardonnay probably could have benefited from another six months of aging, to flatten out some of the acidity. In fact, the more it breathed, the easier it became to handle.

This wine retails in the LCBO for $10.95 and get’s a score of 3.5/5 from us.

Mount Eden Vineyards, Edna Valley Chardonnay, 2009, California: Well, what can we say about this wine. Deep breath and start from the beginning.

I included a Californian in my Chardonnay tour, for two reasons; why not and people ask me all the time for recommendations on Californian wines. I may not have made a wise decision with this one though. Nosing this wine brought to light a scent of floral mixed with mineral, which bordered on dill. After smelling it, I was not encouraged to go further, but I have experienced wines in the past where it became a delight on the palate, even though performing poorly in the nosing process. Unfortunately, this Chardonnay did not impress on the palate either. On the palate, this particular Californian Chardonnay extended its mineral smell to taste. Even after I took a lengthy break, the same taste was present. The mineral caused us to produce taste similarity list that consisted of things such as dill and dandelion.

This wine retails in the LCBO for $25.95, can be found in the vintages section and get’s a score of 2.5/5 from us. Hands down consensus that this wine would not be purchased by the group, again.