EastDell Estates Summer Rosé, 2010, Niagara Canada

This is the first Canadian Rosé covered for our June – The Month of Pink’s feature, and I will say from the start that EastDell represented Canada well!

Let’s start by looking at the colour of this Rosé beauty.  Upon first glance, you’ll pick up it’s grapefruit pink hues that border on watermelon. To nose it, you’ll grab distinct fruit scents such as strawberry and raspberry and on the palate, you’ll simply just say “wow”.  With a sugar count of only (1), you find yourself with a great tasting, mature and sophisticated Rosé.  Again, like the Carte Noire Rosé, we would recommend the Summer Rosé, by EastDell Estates to a group of red wine drinkers.  Like you would, if drinking a light Pinot Noir for example, you immediately notice how nicely balanced the acidity levels are. The tasting blend of the Riesling, Gamay Noir and Cab Franc varieties go nicely together here.

EastDell has produced something that far  surpasses the Rosé’s of old that your red-drinking friends would remember, and they go so far as stating that 2010 could undoubtedly be their best Summer Rosé vintage yet!

This wine retails at the LCBO for $11.95

Our score – 4.5/5