Emeri Pink Moscato, Australia

As we continue our June The Month of Pink’s feature, we bring to you this enjoyable Moscato, and you’ll see how enjoyable it was from the picture below. Nonetheless, though the Moscato varietal got it’s fame in Italy, De Bortoli’s use of this variety in their Australian Pink Moscato, made for a fantastic treat.

Let’s first start with discussing the colour. Emeri Pink Moscato has a pale and translucent pink hue and is by far one of the lighter coloured pinks that we’ve had in past, but the colour is still inviting. While observing the colour, you may notice some frizzante or fizz at the rim of the wine in your glass, which is something common to Moscatos and lends to its intrigue. On the nose, and as you would expect with any Moscato, you’ll get scents of sweet floral, with some slight musk for body. On the palate, the taste of strawberry is the dominant power, but you also get a sense of very light tannins blended with low acidity, giving this Moscato some light body. The sugar count is a (6), so it’s a little sweeter than the other pink’s we’ve covered thus far, and unlike the previous pinks covered in this feature, this is probably not one you want to serve to serious red wine drinkers, unless they are up for it.

You may notice that I am using an image from the wine maker in this post, which is something I don’t usually do. I prefer to use my own contextual images, but it seems the anticipation of jumping into De Bortoli’s pink Moscato got the best of me. I remembered to take the picture, almost as the bottle was done. Oops…

This wine retails at the LCBO for $14.95

Our score: 3.5/5

A picture of the half-drank Emeri Pink Moscato bottle…