Peninsula Ridge Cabernet Rosé, 2010, Canada

We’re starting off the week with a rosé we had the pleasure of trying this past weekend, keeping in mind our June the Month of Pinks feature. The rosé we tried this time was the Peninsula Ridge Cabernet Rosé. Yes, this is another Canadian product and given where we are located, we’ve got a bit of an interest in showcasing some of the Canadian products, where and when it makes sense.

As usual, we’ll start off talking about the colour of this rosé, which was reminiscent of a very vibrant salmon hue, with great clarity throughout. On the nose we picked up a vast bouquet of berries; cherry, strawberry and raspberry, and it was enough to heighten the anticipation. On the palate however, we were not as delighted, as we were hoping for a sightly higher acidity level, to truly make those berries we nosed, pop on the palate.

All in all, the Peninsula Ridge Cabernet Rosé was not a bad choice, but it does lack that extra punch that many of the pinks we’ve covered thus far this month had.

This rosé retails at the LCBO for $11.00

Our score – 3/5