Sofia Monterey County Rosé, U.S. 2011

We’ve got an interesting rosé today, again as we add to our ‘June – the Month of Pinks’ feature.  It’s one that come from Francis Ford Coppola’s winery and it’s called Sofia Monterey County Rosé.

Over the past couple of years, there has been an emergence of personalities in the entertainment world turn to producing their own wines.  Now, depending on who you talk to, these entertainers turned ‘vintners’ receive some mixed reviews. Nonetheless, for us, this will be the first time, or at least that we can remember, where we review a wine that falls into the ‘entertainer wines’,  as we like to call them.

Now let’s get into the wine itself.  We normally start talking about rosé’s by looking at the colour first, but we have to do something a little different with Coppola’s wine; we have to admit that our initial excitement with this rosé  was with the bottle.  It truly is a sexy bottle and I quite honestly, I would not expect anything less from Coppola, given his artistry in film production and directing.  In regards to colour, this rosé has more of a watermelon hue and had excellent clarity. The nose on the wine goes from not too friendly, to pleasing, over a short period of time.  Keep this in mind if you try this rosé, as the initial nose may turn you off.  The real disappointment, however, came when tasting the rosé. As we sipped, the general consensus was that for $19.95 we expected more.  On the palate, this rosé appeared flat and lacking attitude. That terrific blend of acidity and tannins that you look for in a rosé was missing here. It was a boring drink, if a drink could be boring, and it was reminiscent of a wine that had been kept too long (days) and then drank again.

Coppola’s rosé is not one that we would buy again, either for a gathering or to keep on hand.  With that being said, if you have a friend who is either into design or Coppola films, this would be the ideal gift, but its only for the bottle design and namesake, and not for the contents inside.

This rosé retails at the LCBO for $19.95 and can be found in the vintages section

Our score – 2/5