Kangarilla Road Charlie’s Red Blend, 2010, Australia

If you are like me, you are probably a fan of the occasional red blend.  Being a true red wine lover, it’s exciting to see how vintners take to blending varieties, to come up with combinations for you and I to enjoy. So, today we bring you an Australian blend,  Kangarilla Road Charlie’s Red Blend, 2010.

This red blend is a play on the Shiraz and Cabernet varietals, both of which are fantastic on their own.  The Charlie’s Red Blend comes with a deep and dark eggplant colour, giving hints to how full and robust it will be on the palate.  On the nose, this blend brings forth scents of black currant, spice and some earthiness. On the palate, you’ll definitely notice tastes of ripened fruit, oak, spice, and combined with the level of tannins, you get a wine with a medium to long finish.

The Kangarilla Road Charlie’s Red Blend is a wine that should be paired, as it does not do well on its own.  Consider pairing this red blend with light dishes, such as chicken or even your Monday night pizza.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $13.00.

Our score: 3/5