As usual, lately anyway, we like to pick a theme each month and run with that theme, and though our posts may divert from the said theme every once in a while, we do ensure to post a healthy amount of ‘theme related’ content.  With all of that being said, let me introduce you to this month’s theme ‘July – the Time for Bubbles’.  As you can tell from the name, we’ll be covering sparkling wines from all around the world.  Now, before we get into an actual bubbles wine post, we thought we should share some interesting ‘must know’ information about bubbles:

  1. Dom Pérignon was an actual person.  In fact, he was a Benedictine monk and this is where the drink gets its name from.
  2. Famous quote from Dom Pérignon “I am drinking stars”.  He is said to have said this just after sipping his first glass of sparkling.
  3. Carbon dioxide is the culprit for the bubbles you see in sparkling wine
  4. The Brut that you sometimes see on the labels of a sparkling wine bottle represents a dry sparkling
  5. The Extra Dry on the label means it is still a dry sparkling, but one step up from Brut
  6. Sec denotes that the sparkling will be on the sweeter side, but not to the extreme
  7. The Doux on a sparkling wine label usually indicates a sweet sparkling
  8. By law, only sparkling wines made in the Champagne region of France, can be called champagne
  9. The pressure built up in a sparkling wine bottle is three times the amount of the average car tire
  10. The British are graced with the title as the first to turn sparkling wine into an attractive and adorned wine type, whereas before, bubbles in wine were seen as a flaw
  11. Sparkling wine is called different things, in different countries.  The more popular that you will recognize are the following:

France – Champagne, Crémant
Spain – Cava
Portugal – Espumante
Italy – Italy, Spumante, Prosecco
Germany – Sekt