Heavy Industry Cocktail

Gun Chandelier

Origin Restaurant, Liberty Village

Liberty Village, we always tout, is one of Toronto’s most lively communities, with new restaurant, bars and condos being added constantly. One of the more recently added resto’s in the area is Origin. Some of you may already be familiar with their east Toronto location, which can often be a tad tight to get a seat at. Nonetheless, given our positive experience with the east end restaurant, we decided it only made sense to dine in their Liberty location, for comparison.

Before you go, you should know the history of the building. The Origin Liberty Village location was once a gun factory. The very same factory that the Bren Light Machine Gun that was used by the British and Canadian infantries during WWII, was manufactured. Now, knowing this, the logo and the decor, primarily the chandelier, which is made up of a slew of red structured fabric machine guns, will all make sense to you.

Like their east end cousin, the cuisine at Origin Liberty Village is a splendid mix of flavours, spices, colours and aromas, moreover the resto’s wine and spirits list is well fit and designed to accompany their formidable food-fare. I made it a point to try much of what the restaurant was featuring in their wines and cocktails list. Notable mentions go out to a cocktail we tried called the ‘Heavy Industry’, which is made up of bourbon, amaro, and lemon carmenere syrup. A great drink for the bourbon, whiskey and even scotch drinker, like myself. I also tried their featured white, which we’re proud to announce is an Ontario wine, Norman Hardie’s Melon de Bourgogne, from Prince Edward County. It was a light white that opened up well with time. While at it, we also gave the Norman Hardie’s riesling a try, which we thoroughly enjoyed. In addition to great cocktails, we were especially pleased with the knowledge and warm welcoming airs of the staff on site. They made not just us, but everyone sitting around the lavish and lengthy bar, feel at home.

To sum up the evening, I will say there was a general consensus from all that we dined with that they would return again to indulge in some of the table favourites; the spicy Spanish fries, shrimp ceviche and the curried shrimp and naan bread.

If you live in the King West area, in Toronto, you may find it hard to resist making Origin Liberty Village one of your trendy dining regulars.

Food dishes range in the $6 to $20 price point and are well suited to sharing. Cocktails are also reasonably priced and the skill of the mixologists make every penny spent, well worth it.