Chateau Des Charmes 2008 Rosé Sparkling

Chateau Des Charmes 2008 Rosé Sparkling


Château Des Charmes, 2008 Rosé Sparkling Wine, Canada

Given that July is our ‘Time for Bubbles’ month, we’re kicking off the week with Château Des Charmes, 2008 Rosé Sparkling wine.

Though we’re talking about bubbles, I do want to start off by mentioning the colour of this sparkling, given that it is a rosé sparkling.  Our thoughts on colour here is that it is simply fantastic. It carries a watermelon hue, which automatically delights the palate senses, visually.  Now, although we can’t call this a champagne because of geographical reasons, it is essential to note that this sparkling was made using the traditional champagne fermentation methods, giving it a superior taste out of the gate.  On the palate, amongst the distinguished tiny bubbles, you’ll pick up raspberry and strawberry, but these tastes have been blended nicely with the acidity levels, and the slight tannins that remain from the Pinot Noir grape skins that attribute to the colour of this sparkling rosé. You’ll also experience a ‘medium plus’ length on finish, in the mouth.

The Château Des Charmes, 2008 Rosé Sparkling is a superior sparkling wine that would be fit for the traditional bubbles drinker and the casual. It’s the kind of bubbles you would win with, if featuring it at party with palates of varying tastes.

Though you may not yet be able to find this sparkling wine in the LCBO, it can be ordered from the vintner, directly.

Our score: 4/5