13th Street Winery, 2010 Essence Syrah, Canada

I recently had the pleasure of getting my hands on 13th Streets, Syrah, from their Essence line. Now I have always been a fan of 13th Street Winery and as a result, expected to be pleasantly wowed with this syrah, and that indeed was the case here.  

This syrah, from 13th Streets Essence line is deep red in colour, bordering on an eggplant shade.  On the nose, aromas of spice, black currant and berries are ever present.  Both the colouring and the nose on this syrah, told the story of how full the wine would be, which for any red wine drinker is enough to well them with anticipation.  So, on to palate experience next.  On the palate, you pick up plum, coupled with a series of dark fruit tastes, all of which are finished nicely with the tannins present. You’ll also appreciate the lengthy finish of this wine, given it’s deep mouth makeup.

Though you can’t get this wine at the LCBO, you can order it from 13th Street directly.

Our score – 3.5/5