Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime Brut Champagne, 1998, France

We’re still doing bubbles this month for our, July – The Time for Bubbles, theme and because of that, we are covering Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime Brut Champagne, 1998, from the Champagne region of France.

First, let me start by saying I did the tasting for this champagne, with a group of five people, covering different levels of wine and champagne enthusiasts. We went from, “I hardly touch the stuff” to “I drink wine daily”. I truly find the feedback from a large group, with differing opinions, most useful, as opposed to sitting with a group of people who are evenly yoked, when it comes to wine.  Sitting in a mixed group, as we did during this tasting, really shows the personalization of wine, proving that it is more approachable and accessible than many would like to think, but I digress and I will now get off my soapbox, and get back to our Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime.

The Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime was golden in colour and one of the things I look forward to seeing when champagne is poured into my glass.  Watching the bubbles dance against a golden background, can actually be mesmerizing!  On the nose, we had a consensus that peach and citrus scents were present, with some hints of anise. On the palate, and while the champagne danced on our tongues, we picked up the maturity of this champagne, as the aged grape became obvious, with this champagnes big, mouthy feel.

Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime had a strong showing at our mini-tasting, as most gave it a score over 3.5 out of 5, and although this champagne is praised for its mature taste, I think I would have enjoyed it more, if I were to be drinking it, two to three years ago.  Nonetheless, as you can see from the above, Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime was a hit at our gathering, and a definite option for yours, should you be looking for a bottle of champagne, to accompany your next event.

This champaigne retails at the LCBO for $51.95

Our score: 3.5/5