Albert Bishot, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, 2010, France

If you’ve read a few of our past posts, then you know that, in this summer heat, we’ll often look to enjoy a bottle of Pinot Noir, hence our review today, and it’s a Pinot Noir that has improved with each released vintage, if you take a look at its history.

Albert Bishot, the maker of today’s Pinot Noir, is a wine house with a deep history that starts as early as 1831.  Knowing the history of the Bishot family naturally instills a sense of comfort in their production of wine, and it was this history that interested us in trying one of their moderately priced Pinot Noir’s.  Their Bourgogne Pinot Noir has a noticeably deep ruby red colour that can mislead on taste because of its full appearance. The aroma’s present will remind you of some spice, raspberry and light oak, all, when combined, will cause your mouth to water. They’ve undoubtedly done a superb job in producing a smooth and well formed aroma. On the palate is where you’ll get the full delight of this wine. It’s smooth bursts of berry tastes and noticeable crispness will cause you to revel in all that this wine maker has done.  You can expect a fabulous mouth feel and a light to medium finish; enough to fulfill your quest for a light, yet mature red.

You’ll find that Albert Bishot, Bourgogne Pinot Noir will go well with your BBQ treats, shared on the patio.

This wine retails for $15.95, at the LCBO

Our score: 4.5/5