Crush Wine Bar Delights

Crush Wine Bar

Charles Baker Riesling Yumm

10 Yr Old Tawny Port

Crush Wine Bar, 455 King St West, Toronto, 416-977-1234

Sitting in closed rooms, tasting wines, albeit with people I am friendly with, can sometimes get to be a little boring. So, from time to time, I find it pertinent to spend a few hours at local wine bars, for fun and admittedly, to expand my knowledge. This week, the wine bar I chose to visit, was Crush Wine Bar.

My visit to Crush was prompted by a recommendation from a friend who suggested that their selection of 600 different wines, would be sure to blow my socks off, and – they were about right.  To Crush Wine Bar’s credit, though they’ve got an extensive list, they still cater to the new wine drinker and offer pre-constructed flights, covering sparkling’s, rosé’s, old world whites, Niagara Rieslings, and the list goes on. The wine bar’s talented and knowledgeable staff  is also very approachable and available, to answer all of your wine needs. To ensure I would have a true Crush experience, I just sat down at the bar and asked them to pick all of my wines. I wanted something sparkling before my dinner, something white during my dinner and their pick for my cheese plate. All three of their selections for formidable, including the port, which I shyly admit I am not fond of.  With that being said, the folks at Crush may turn me into a port drinker yet. For the advanced wine drinker, rest assured you’ll be pleased. The Crush Wine Bar, wine list is extensive and includes bar rarities such as Nicolas Feuillatte Palm D’Or, 98 vintage from France, straight through to a Louis Latour Grand Crux. The wine list is also ladened with fabulous Canadian wine pics from wineries such as Norman Hardie through to Mission Hill, placed on the other side of the country.

If culinary delights are more your thing, don’t worry, the folks at Crush have that covered too. With Executive Chief Trista Sheen at the helm, you are guaranteed a bevy of unforgettable flavours in all that you indulge in.  The current dinner menu boasts of dishes deliciously named things such as, Ontario lamb saddle, “jerked” hen, 40-day dry-aged beef strip loin and roasted halibut.

If you are looking for a wine bar that will completely fulfill your wine cravings, then Crush Wine Bar is a definite viable option. It’s friendly and approachable air makes it a good place for a wine newbie to get acquainted with all that wine has to offer, and their extensive wine list and professional staff makes it a wine connoisseurs home away from home. On another note, the extensive wine list does mean we’ll have to go another time and then another, to really take in all the wine they have to offer.

Cheers and hopefully see you soon at Crush!