July has ended and so too has our bubbles feature.  Yes, yes, I can sense the long faces from here.  Nonetheless, if you missed some of our earlier posts, I have a quick summary for you, below.  At the top of the list you’ll notice that we have called out our top three sparkling wines covered during the month of July, but also list the others, and in no particular order.



Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige, France – 5/5

Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige is a champagne I would recommend for any occasion. It’s depth and breadth in makeup, coupled with balanced acidity and fruit taste, makes this a champagne that would please many.

Louis Picamelot Brut Crémant De Bourgogne, France – 5/5

The Louis Picamelot Brut Crémant De Bourgogne’s incredible complexity, nicely managed mind you, makes this bubbles an appropriate drink for many palates, while keeping a reasonable price point in mind.

Château Des Charmes, 2008 Rosé Sparkling Wine, Canada – 4/5

The Château Des Charmes, 2008 Rosé Sparkling is a superior sparkling wine that would be fit for the traditional bubbles drinker and the casual. It’s the kind of bubbles you would win with, if featuring it at party with palates of varying tastes.


Cono Sur, Sparkling Wine, Chile – 2/5

St-Nicolas Brut Crackling Strong Cider, France – 3.5/5

Baron Fuenté Grand Millésime, Brut Champagne, 1998, France – 3.5/5


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