August: Great Wine on a $10 Budget Month

With August, unfortunately, comes many events that remind us that summer is almost over, and with these sobering thoughts, we’re often forced to kick back into the reality of it all.  So, though we rode the high of summer last month, with our bubbles feature, we’re going the total opposite direction for August and venturing out to do a ‘Great Wine on a $10 Budget’ month.

Now, if you are feeling somewhat suspect of our planned efforts, we’ve created a list of ‘can’t live without’ (not really) $10 factoids.


– If you were around in kicking in 1810 (I know you weren’t, but just work with me), the $10 you sported in your lined pouch would be worth $185.19 today, given inflation.

– It has been said that Oprah Winfrey makes $10 per second.

– $10 can also be referred to as a ‘sawbuck’.  Trying working that one into your everyday conversation.

Now that the factoid bit is finished, get ready for a whole month of wines under $10. We’ll make our sawbuck work it’s magic yet!