Botter Raboso Moscato, Italy

We just realized that we’ve not yet done a rosé during this current theme, Wines Under $10 and so, to correct that, we, yes, delved into an under $10 rosé.  I have to be honest here, we did not pick the rosé based on vintner, or region or past recommendation, we picked it for the bottle design. It was cheap and pretty.  Now, on to our thoughts on Botter Raboso Moscato.

Upon first pour, this rosé Moscato was a lovely light pink in colour, similar to the hue seen in pink lemonade, but only clear.  The first pour is also where you’ll see the frizzante associated with this rosé.  On the nose, is a blend of fruits and frizzante that can make your eyes water.  On the palate, you get a slight sparkling sense, will noticing the high acidity levels with some fruit infusion of strawberry and raspberry.

Though it comes in a pretty bottle, is a pretty colour and sparkles some (all things that I like), the sweetness of this rosé Moscato combined with its high acidity levels, makes it, not my cup of grapes.  I can, however, see a palate that is more suited to sweeter wines, enjoying this, especially if they don’t mind the acidic lingers.

A hint, this wine became easier to drink when I paired it with celery and heavily garlicked guacamole.  The kick from the food worked well to calm the sweet, acidic taste from the wine.

This wine is a limited addition feature at the LCBO, and retails for $9.95

We gave this rosé Moscato a 2.75/5