Henkell Rose, Sparkling Wine, Germany

You know you live in a country where the patio is only fit for humans 6 months out of the year, when a display called “Backyard Sparklers” catches your attention.  People… it’s August, and already folks are talking about fall, and as a result, I am doing all that I can to hold on to the balmy weather, and all that comes with it.  Nonetheless, I fell for the liquor store display and bought one of ‘Backyard Sparklers’, as they put it;  a bottle of the Henkell Rose, Sparkling wine.

On colour, the first thing you notice about a rosé, this sparkling holds a delicate, light pink hue that made me think of the softness and colour of pink cotton candy.  On the nose, you get a sense of a superior berry mix, with some ladened citrus, and on the palate, you’ll be surprised by the unique dryness of this rosé sparkler that, up until this point, you would have pegged as being a little on the sweet side.  Henkell did a splendid job in producing a sparkling that nicely blends all of its fruit tastes, acidity and light tannins, and though Henkell is a German company, all of the grapes used to make this rosé were grown and picked in France.  As Henkell puts it “Only the finest quality wines from the best wine-growing regions of France are used for the production of Henkell Rosé”.

The Henkell Rosé assuredly is a fabulous ‘Backyard Sparkler’ for an affordable price.  A great addition to any patio shindig! Tell your guests that it comes highly recommended from the Wine Hobbyist.

This rosé sparkler retails at the LCBO for $13.95

Our score: 4/5