Château Des Charmes, 2010 Aligoté

Aside from Château Des Charmes being one of my most beloved Canadian wineries, this Aligoté is somewhat of an ambrosia for this Canadian girl.  It’s said that Château Des Charmes is the only Canadian winery doing production with this varietal, and unless you frequent the Burgundy region of France, enjoying a scrumptious Aligoté is a rarity.  So, knowing all of the above, coupled with the fact that local stores have started to carry this batch of Château’s Aligoté, I thought I would be carrying out a misappropriation of Wine Hobbyist justice, if I didn’t do all I could do, to turn you on to this wine.

In honesty, I did not know what to expect with this batch of Aligoté, but I was immediately comforted by colour and more so by its nose.  On first pour, the colour of Château’s Aligoté is a clear, straw like colour that makes your eyes translate the picture for your palate as crisp and refreshing, and on the nose, you get fabulous scents of lemon, apple and some pear.  On the palate,  it truly is crisp, and a magnificent mashup of citrus, apple and a well balanced and rounded acidity, to tie it all together.  The Château Aligoté actually reminded me of a smashing Vinho Verde; the same crispness and well balanced acidity levels, and it’s no surprise, considering that both the Aligoté and Vinho Verde are drank very young in their rearing life and as a result, you are bound to pick up some similarities.

I shared the Aligoté with a few friends and paired it with apple slices, berries and a soft Belgium gouda.  Hands down, it was a fantastic pairing, receiving compliments from every palate in attendance.

There is talk that the Aligoté varietal may be phased out in the next 15 to 20 years, and you can see that starting of this, as the varietal is become less and less present in some of the lofty vineyards in France. Should this be the faith of the Aligoté varietal, it’s a shame. Château Des Charmes, 2010 Aligoté is a strong showing of how fantastic this overlooked varietal really is!

This wine retails at the LCBO for $13.99

We gave this wine a 5/5