Nicolas Laloux, Travelling Gentleman, Cabernet Sauvignon, Canada – 4/5

Xplorador Carmenere, Chile, 2011 – 3.5/5

Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho Verde, Portugal, 2011 – 4/5

Casal Thaulero Sangiovese, 2011, Italy – 3.5/5

Our Under $10 Wine Roundup

During the month of August we did an ‘Under $10” wine theme on the site, where we covered several wines that fell at this low price point, and I’ll be honest, living in Ontario where much of our stock comes from government controlled liquor stores (think limited labels and high embedded taxes on shelf price), we knew it would be difficult.  Nonetheless, we got it done and found some fabulous under $10 notables, such as a $6.95 Sangiovese from Italy, a Vinho Verde from Portugal, a Carmenere from Chile, and an amazingly smooth Cab Sav from Canada.

Our Under $10 Roundup

Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon , 2011, Mendoza Argentina – 3/5: Though the Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon is only $8.95 it went off without a hitch when I served it, paired with barbecue steak, but be warned though, this red wines full bodied makeup, will not work well with your guests if they are into the more lighter, sweeter wine.

Botter Raboso Moscato, Italy – 2.75/5: Though it comes in a pretty bottle, is a pretty colour and sparkles some (all things that I like), the sweetness of this rosé Moscato combined with its high acidity levels, makes it, not my cup of grapes.  I can, however, see a palate that is more suited to sweeter wines, enjoying this, especially if they don’t mind the acidic lingers.

Barefoot Moscato, California – 3/5: First, note that I served this Moscato with a soft pecorino cheese blend from Italy, as fuel for a group conversation on this and that.  Upon first pour, the group was compelled by the wines clear, golden and crisp colour.  On the nose, we picked up scents of peach and  apricot

Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho Verde, Portugal, 2011 – 4/5: On colour, this vinho verde shows a pear skin colour, but yet clear and stunning.  On the nose, you grab scents of citrus fruit blended with green apple and on the palate, you get that citrus fruit taste blended with slight spice to give you a well rounded finish.

Xplorador Carmenere, Chile, 2011 – 3.5/5: You’ll notice a well balanced, impenetrable red hue that still comes with a certain brightness. On the nose, you get a sense of mineral and spice and on the palate, an interesting mix of plum, berries and toffee.  A thoroughly smooth mouth feel, with a medium finish.

McGuigan Black Label Shiraz, Australia, 2011 – 3.5/5: On the palate, we noted plum, blackcurrant, with a medium to long finish.  Though the acidity levels of this wine will naturally call for you to have it breath for 40 minutes or so, it still garners a pleasant experience.

Nicolas Laloux, Travelling Gentleman, Cabernet Sauvignon, Canada – 4/5: Nicolas Laloux, Travelling Gentleman, Cabernet Sauvignon is the kind of wine that would fit nicely on a restaurants wine list, as it goes great with fish, pork, most hard cheeses, through to lamb chops, for example.  It is a must try if experimenting with good value wines.

Yvon Mau Merlot, VDP, 2011, France – 2/5: Though the tannins are refined, this wine is reminiscent of  a more rudimentary vintner process and actually does remind us of traditional home brewed table wine that an industrial host would serve.

Casal Thaulero Sangiovese, 2011, Italy – 3.5/5: On colour, this Sangiovese is a deep ruby red and mature on appearance.  On the nose, we picked up cocoa, and plumb, giving us another hint into the fullness of the wine. On the palate, we were pleasantly surprised by the wines refined tannins,…