Banrock Station Pink Moscato Rosé

The past few days have been cool enough to make you start to think that summer is coming to a close, and that fall will be upon us, soon.  With this realization in mind, I say drink a lot of pink things and young white wines, as much as you can, while patios are still climate tolerable.  It is my philosophy of grabbing up as many pinks and young whites as possible that led to the drinking of Banrock Stations Pink Moscato Rosé.

On colour, this rosé moscato holds a pale pink hue and is somewhat lighter than the standard rosé, but on the nose is where you’ll be impressed.  On the nose, you grab scents of citrus, spice and some melon all blended together and producing a sensational bouquet. On the palate, you pick up slight frizzante that is wonderfully blended with tastes of sweet berries, melon and well tempered level of acidity.  On my first sip, my mind went straight to memories of sitting on a patio on a hot summers day.  It truly is a refreshing moscato drink.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $10.95

We gave this wine a score of 3.5/5