Dowie Doole, Chenin Blanc, 2011, South Australia

With the Toronto weather being so ‘hit and miss’ lately, enjoying crisp whites on the patio is something that is becoming less and less possible, but through luck of the weather gods, I was able to get in a patio tasting, and it may very well be my last for the season.  Nonetheless, this crisp white was included, as my way of trying to bring back those patio summer afternoons!

The Dowie Doole, 2011, Chenin Blanc, holds a strong, straw hue  on colour and on the nose scents of apricots, citrus fruits and floral.  On the palate, this Chenin Blanc is crisp as expected, but it also comes with a well rounded lemon zest, green apple, and tempered acidity feel.  The Dowie Doole, Chenin Blanc will continue impressing you with its complexity, even mid sip, as its long and smooth finish will bring you further citrus fruit and cream dessert hints.

Though this would be the perfect pairing to a hot afternoon, the Dowie Doole, Chenin Blanc is too good to not continue to drink indoors, when my senses call for a white!

This wine retails at the LCBO for $14.75

We gave this wine a score of 4/5