The People’s, Pinot Noir, Central Otago, New Zealand, 2009

Right… intriguing name … I knew what you were thinking. So, it was the intriguing name and my forever love of Pino Noir that made this wine, an obvious choice for listing here, on the Wine Hobbyist.

Now, before we get into the actual wine itself, I must point out how much fun we had on The People’s Wine Web site. It was a brilliant blend of progressive Web interaction, with new world wine and the only time a left navigation never made my skin crawl.  In our minds, there are only a few wineries who take their Web presence seriously, The People’s Wine being one of them, and it is a grave mistake considering the generational shift, at least in North America, necessary to keep your wine brand relevant. With The People’s Wine, deep thought had gone into the design of even their wine bottles.  Each bottle is designed with an element of the wine making process in mind.  With the Pinot Noir, for example, the grapes are trucked into Alexandra from Central Otago, and therefore a picture of a truck graces the front of their Pinot Noir bottle.

Now the wine…

On colour, The People’s Pinot Noir is a soft, ruby red, reminding you, mentally, of something crisp, but yet calm. On the nose, definite raspberry, plum and light spice hints are detected, which after a short while open up and a more smokey scent can be detected. On the palate, to put it plainly, I liked it.   It’s refined and smoothened tannins, blended with a bevvy of berry tastes (blackberry, raspberry and even some gooseberry) makes this wines medium to long finish, a delightful experience.  Again, its’s a no fuss no muss type of wine.  Perfect for that casual meetup with friends or on your own pairing it with a good flick from Netflix. This Pinot Noir, from The People’s Wine, will surely end up on the  ’repeat buy’ list!

This wine can be found at the LCBO for $16.95.

We gave this wine a score of 4.5/5