Spirithouse Toronto



 Spirithouse Toronto



 Matt Jones from Makers Mark serves us a Sazerac cocktail!



 Massive wall of spirits at SpiritHouse Toronto



 Head mixologist Brad conducting tasting #98



 Spirithouse Tasting



 Spirithouse Tasting – Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams



 Spirithouse Tasting – Grand Patron Platinum



 Spirithouse Tasting – Gran Patron Burdeos



 Spirithouse Tasting – Johnny Walker Platinum


Pictures from the SpiritHouse Toronto, grand opening.

According to the thought leaders and creators at the SpiritHouse, it is a “spirit” bar and not a cocktail bar, and their claim is pretty hard to dispute when front and centre at the bar is their massive wall of spirits, some 400+, the largest in the city.   The SpiritHouse is located at 487 Adelaide St. West, and its main entrance is on Portland, just south of Adelaide.

The SpiritHouse was founded by Len Fragomeni, who also owns the Toronto Institute of Bartending, and the four-part cocktail menu (includes barrel-aged cocktails, grand!) was beautifully designed by Brad Gubbins.

Grand opening events are scheduled all weekend at the SpiritHouse, with Friday nights events branded as “One Night of Chivalry” and Saturday as “Tonight we Tanqueray”, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise.