Dan Aykroyd, Sauvignon Blanc VQA, Niagara Region, Canada

Here come’s wine number three in our ‘Celebrity Vintners’ review; Dan Aykroyd’s Sauvignon Blanc VQA.

Though Dan is a proud Canadian, his talent and vast body of work have gotten him world wide accreditation. Some of Aykroyd’s work that you  would be familiar with are, Ghostbusters, The Blues Brother’s and Saturday Night Live.

Aside from his work on screen and stage, Dan lends his time and name to a flurry of worthy causes, such as Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto, and let’s not forget the charity concert he put on this year, on the 30th anniversary of John Belushi’s accidental drug overdose and death.

The Wine

On colour, Dan’s Sauvignon Blanc holds a pale straw complexion.  On the nose, it is unquestionably aromatic, giving off scents of citrus, almond extract, and a tail end floral bouquet.  On the palate, it’s well tempered acidity is matched with honeydew, spice, and acai berry.

I was pleasantly surprised by this wines showing. Dan Aykroyd’s Sauvingnon Blanc, works well as an accompaniment to your soft cheeses, cold cuts and salads, for example, but also performs well on its own.  A formidable and an affordable buy.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $12.95

We gave this wine a 4.5/5