The Bulleit Verde Cocktail

Depending on where you reside, you, just like me, are experiencing all too soon frigid weather. This frigid weather means a few unpleasurable things; stop wearing white; pack and store your summer clothing, and the end of your most favourite patio wines until next spring. I want to address the patio wine thing, because like usual, I want to break a few rules. Nothing is discovered by following a crowd or doing what the ‘they’ say you should, so in line with this belief, I think we should most certainly find ways to still enjoy some of those patio wines, on unwieldy cold days.

Though I have a huge list of what I like to call ‘patio wines’, a go to for me is a fantastic Vinho Verde, with its frizzante acidity and refreshing nature, it assuredly pairs well with all of my patio lunches. So, with this in mind I thought, if I like it that much, how can I bring it into my winter drinking.  During cold months, you’ll usually find me sipping a Barolo, Amarone or Cabernet Sauvignon; these wines, to me, have a unique calming and warming nature.  With that being said, you’ll also find me indulging in scotch, bourbon and whisky. Knowing my two winter loves, you’re not going to be surprised at this original cocktail recipe below.

The Bulleit Verde

What you’ll need:



You’ll want to use an old fashion glass and a few ice cubes. Pour 1.5 oz of bourbon into your glass, then add 3 oz of your Vinho Verde. Add 2 tbl spoons of freshly squeezed orange juice to your mixture. To top it off, add 1 oz of ginger-ale and 1/2 oz of Perrier water. Thoroughly mix the contents in your glass and rim your glass with an orange wedge.  Once that is done, add the orange wedge inside your glass for continued flavour.

You’ll find this cocktail to have the refreshing hints innate to a vinho verde, with the power of a good ol’ bourbon.

When you get around to trying it, drop us a line to let us know about your Bulleit Verde drinking experience.