Dan Aykroyd Sauvignon BlancIf you were with us in October, you’ll know that we did a partial focus on Celebrity Vintners, the ones we could find easily in our local stores.  When we set out to do the theme, I honestly thought I was going to be forced with the job of coming up with niceties, and platitudes that wouldn’t totally offend the wine. You see, I was looking at the ‘Celebrity turned Vintner’ thing like the ‘Actor turned Singer’ thing – you know very well what I mean. Surprisingly, however, the celebrity wines we tasted were impressive, not just to us, but to an extended circle of friends we invited to give opinions on the wines. So, with that, below is our summary of the celebrity wines we tasted in October, and I’ve pointed out which one was, undoubtedly, the crowd fav!

Wayne Gretzky Chardonnay, Niagara, Ontario: All in all, a well rounded mouth feel that we’re sorry we didn’t take the time to explore on past balmy days. Gretzky’s Chardonnay is crisp, robust and yet light, compounded with bursting flavours. A truly enjoyable wine.

Ernie Els Cabernet Sauvignon: It’s superior palatable makeup, classes it as one of the better Cabernet Sauvignon’s coming out of this region, and made readily available to us, here. Nonetheless, buying Ernie’s wine will not only leave your palate fulfilled, but your heart a little warm too, as part of the money’s made from the sale of this wine, goes to the Els for Autism foundation.

Jarno Rosso Colline Pescaresi: Trying Truilli’s wine on its own and then paired with red meat, showed the wines heightened and superb, elegant complexity. Jarno Trulli’s, Rosso Colline Pescaresi 2004, is perfect for that special occasion or as a gift for anyone possessing great wine appreciation.

Sam Neill Two Paddocks, Picnic Pinot Noir: In the end, my recommendation is to buy Sam Neill’s Picnic Pinot Noir, and decant it at least one hour before it’s to be consumed. With the right amount of breathing, it has the potential to be a staple on the Pinot Noir drink list!

Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut Zinfandel: His affinity to wine is not new, as one would expect with a celebrity vintner. Coppola recounts that wine making was something that had a place in the family lines for years. Francis Coppola makes his wines with the intent of sharing, friends and good times and his Zinfandel is a clear depiction of this.

Kevin O’Leary Cabernet Merlot Blend, 2010: We were pleasantly surprised by Kevin O’Leary’s Cabernet Merlot blend. It oozed the sophistication of experienced wine production methods, but still played with modern vintner sciences of producing new mouth experiences.


Dan Aykroyd, Sauvignon Blanc VQA: I was pleasantly surprised by this wines showing. Dan Aykroyd’s Sauvingnon Blanc, works well as an accompaniment to your soft cheeses, cold cuts and salads, for example, but also performs well on its own. A formidable and an affordable buy.