In Situ Gran Reserva CarmenereToday, we find ourselves back in Chile, talking about In Situ Gran Reserva Carmenere.  Let’s start by sharing a known fact about the Chilean wine industry. The terms reserva or gran reserva don’t mean what they do when looking to buy a wine from Spain, for example, and wanting only the exceptionally best for your guests.  With Spanish wine, the term Gran Reserva can only be used if a wine has been aged for at least five years, of which two must be in a barrel and three in the bottle.  Gran Reserva is said to grace the labels of the finest vintages in Spain. In Chile, however, the terms reserva and gran reserva are used loosely, with no regulation behind it. The business of labeling as you wish does make it difficult for the consumer to make the most educated decision, when trying to buy a Chilean wine they’ve never had before.  With that being said, I’ve had some fantastic wines out of Chile, but it all came out of trying new things to see what worked, based on year and region.  Nonetheless, let’s move on to today’s wine, In Situ Gran Reserva Carmenere.

On colour, this Carmenere is a deep and thick garnet red.  On the nose, it is surprisingly fruity, with hints of plum, currant and raspberry, coupled with spicy undertones.  On the palate, it brings a medium length finish, along with notes of anise, cherry, tobacco and pepper. Very mild tannins, like most Carmenere wines, but the In Situ Carmenere seems to have an even  humbler tannic impact on the palate. The peppered kick at the end is a lovely touch though.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $16.95

We gave this wine a 2.75 out of 5