Castillo De Almansa Reserva 2008, SpainWith today being International Tempranillo Day, we felt it only pertinent to list a few of what we think are some of the highlights of this variety and to share with you our top Tempranillo blend, Castillo de Almansa Reserva, 2008. This wine gets a definite recommendation from us, for gatherings of individuals with differing levels of wine palates. Even those that find themselves with an affinity to whites, can’t dispute the beauty of this wine.

No matter what Tempranillo based wine drink is in your glass, raise it in honour of International Tempranillo Day!

Interesting Tempranillo Facts

  1. Its a grape that is native to Spain
  2. The earliest reference of Tempranillo comes from a 13th century Spanish poem
  3. It’s the support grape in the Rioja we all love
  4. Tempranillo is hardly ever produced as a single variety wine.  You’ll usually find it blended with other grape varietals, and then bottled.
  5. Tempranillo is often used in Portugal, by producers of Port wine.
  6. Tempranillo gets its name from the Spanish word temprano, which means ‘the little earthy one’
  7. To learn more about the Tempranillo grape and its history take a look at this download from Bray Vineyards