This month we’re focusing on wine label design, and the strength in both subtlety and overt messaging.   We started with an Italian Prosecco, from Mionetto, which taught us a lot about simplicity. Our wine today, takes more of a play on vintage themes, taking you back to the era of Art Nouveau (p. 1890 to 1910). Specifically today, we’re looking at Les Jamelles Merlot, from France.

About the Design: from our designers

This spirited, light hearted label fills us with memories from times spent in countless French Bistros. No detail was left behind in this subtle and charming artwork. The label’s paper colour and texture take us back to menus found in Creperies throughout France. The simple colour choice, as well as the main font, have been heavily influenced by Art Nouveau. The historic element on artistry, also bears relevance in the spirits world, as this font type was often found on posters used to promote spirits in the early 1900’s, most notably Champagne. Les Jamelles’ Merlot stands out on a wine store shelf, not because it screams louder than the others and not because it’s holding on to the newest design trend. Instead, it stands out because it humbly, and recognizably, celebrates French culture.  A culture that any wine drinker would be happy to partake in, especially when enjoying a glass of French wine.


About the Wine

On colour, this Merlot is a true and crisp ruby red.  On the nose, you immediately grasp herbaceous scents, coupled with cherries and  blackberries.  On the palate, the initial reaction comes from the complex tannins that then lead the way to some minerality, abundant fruit tastes of plum and red berries.  Les Jamelles Merlot provides a medium length finish and pairs well, with graciously seasoned foods.

This is a complex Merlot that takes shape and form, with every sip and every moment it has a chance to live in your glass, forcing you again to note that you can indeed find more than palatable wines designated a Vin de Pays. Though this wine is drinkable now, given another year, the wines fruit component is guaranteed to become ever more apparent and the tannins more refined.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $11.95.

We gave this wine a score of 3 out of 5.