As we continue covering wine label design and the meaning behind them, we bring you wine number 3 of our series, Rosa Regale from Castello Banfi. An elegant sparkling rosé wine from the Piedmont region, and made from the rarely talked about Brachetto grape. Considering all of the wines in this series were chosen by our designers, it’s a rare coincidence that they choose one from a varietal we’ve never before talked about.

About the Design: from our designers
We choose this wine, primarily from its bottle design, and straying away from the label theme. The Rosa Regale comes in a bottle that is visibly shorter than the average wine bottle and has a beveled bottom, making it stand out from the rest. It’s quaint rose decal, coupled with the elegant bottle composition, gives off hints of the wines elegant, aromatic nature.

Rosa Regale proves that sometimes bottle design is all you need to make your mark.

About the Wine
On colour, this sparkling rose is a dark pink grapefruit hue, that’s filled with frizzante edges. On the nose, you get scents of strawberry, cherry and a rose bouquet. On the palate, it’s acidity levels act as a temperance for the wines high sugar content, looking past that, your palate will also experience abundant fruit tastes and frizzante notes.

The rose decal that adorns this bottle is more than just design. Rosa Regale’s wildly aromatic makeup and light tasting components make it a delicate sparkling wine. Though I may not indulge in this sparkling wine often or on its own, its composition does put it in a position to pair well with blue cheese or even dark chocolate.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $13.95.

We gave this wine a score of 2 out of 5.