Once annually, the Toronto Convention Centre is home to the Gourmet Good & Wine Expo, and it serves as a chance for locals to explore wines and culinary delights, fit for an enthusiast. With yesterday (Thursday) being the opening night of the exhibit, we thought it made sense to focus on one track, the Fine Wine Tasting Lounge. A visit to this select room proved to be beneficial as it was laced with wines from Ontario, Germany, Spain, France and Greece. It was a chance to try indigenous grapes from regions that are not often explored, and a chance to explore wines not yet found in our LCBO. One such winery that we were introduced to, for the first time, was Lighthall Vineyards from Prince Edward County. Though Lighthall Vineyards is smaller than some of the high producing vineyards we’re accustom to, the quality of their wines will leave you in awe. Through discussion with wine maker and winery owner, Glenn Symons,  it was clear to see that the wines were carefully produced and grapes primarily curated from their own harvest. Their sparkling wine, which he explained, was created using the Charmat method, was extremely impressive and would certainly arouse the senses of even the most discerning sparkling drinker around.

Though Lighthall wines cannot be found in the LCBO as yet, those willing to indulge in the unique and more niche productions, can do so  by ordering their wines online or through visiting the winery directly, in Prince Edward County.

So, as day one comes to a close of the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, we’re proud to say our most memorable moment came from an Ontario winery, but with day two ahead of us, we’re looking forward to see if we’ll be awed by wine or food. Either way, you can be sure we’ll share our day two experiences with you here.