Continuing on as our designers pick them and we rate them, we bring you wine #4 of our wine label design and their meanings theme, and it’s a wine that comes from Niagara’s Megalomainiac Wines, ‘Homegrown Red’.

About the Design: from our designers
We picked this wine largely because of the theme portrayed on the label. It’s singular focus on location and minute display of locale, yet shown in different ways, spells out smart consistency. With a name such as ‘Homegrown’, the label designer choose to display latitude and longitude coordinates, a map sketched out in the frame of a man in a top hat, a decal known to be used my Megalomaniac Wines on all of their bottles, and they even went so far as to include the cellar location. Though all of these elements are different, they all spoke to the consistent message of this being a local ‘brew’.  To a fellow designer, this purposeful design play on location just yells intelligence in messaging.  Though subtle, your eyes bring it all together. “…our mission is to bring integrity to all elements of our wine production, including labeling” from the wine maker, John Howard, himself.

About the Wine
Though you won’t be able to detect the varietal off the front of the bottle, a little research tells you that it is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, and knowing this sets you up for some expected, yet delightful, results when tasting Homegrown Red.

On colour, the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes thick skin plays out in your glass as you immediately notice the wines dark garnet red hue. On the nose,  you get large elements of peppers and dark fruit, consistent with scents of plum and cherry.  You’ll be surprised that, on the palate, this wine is elegantly soft, and if you were not paying attention, you may just think you’ve stumbled on to a Pinot Noir.  Nonetheless, its refined tannins and unbeatable smoothness provides hints into all that went into producing this wine. You’ll also pick up the notable green pepper and some fruit taste on the palate, as well.

You’ll note that Megalomaniac’s Homegrown Red, can be easily drank on its own, but could pair well your lighter and casual food fare and based on price, would not be a bad addition to your staple list of wine buys.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $14.95.

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 5.