We’re now almost at the end of November, and that also means we’re nearing the end of our wine label design coverage, but  we’re still on deck to deliver two additional labels and one of them, we’ll talk about today.  Peter Lehmann’s Barossa Shiraz 2009, or otherwise known as  the Shiraz of the Portrait line of wines.

About the Design: from our designers
We picked this wine because of its play on self portraits, shown from a side facing profile angle.  It was wildly reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock play. In addition to the Hitchcock resemblance, we thought opting to tell a story  on the front of the bottle, with the text adding as background for the profile image, did two ultra bright things; provide texture and enough differentiation to make the profile standout, while also giving anyone looking to put thought into the bottle of wine they purchase, all the ammunition they need to know something compelling and noteworthy about the vintners story. To summarize, the text on the front of the bottle tells Lehmann’s early story which represents his character and willingness to stand up for what is right. This plays nicely with the seal added to all of the Portrait line of bottles, which is a shamrock wrapped in text that says “My Word is my Bond”.

If you didn’t know Peter Lehmann before, a 2 minute introduction to the label makes you want to get to know more about the man and his wine. In this case, we’re seeing fantastic branding for the vintner and winery, which provides a convenient segue to users exploring other wines that they have to offer, just out of immediate respect for Lehmann.

With brands fighting for market and mind share, in competitive platforms, sometimes it boils down to trust and how honest and transparent a brand can appear to be. Lehmann’s team did a fantastic job summarizing character through the basis of the wine label alone. Who wouldn’t trust a man who makes it known that his word is his bond?

About the Wine
The Portrait line of Peter Lehmann wines were created to celebrate 30 years of Lehmann’s production and 30 years of his support of the Barossa Valley and growers, given this, his Barossa Shiraz is the makeup of grapes from 60 growers, showing the fantastic style of the valley.

On colour, this Shiraz is a dark ruby red, with scents of dark fruits, intensely playing with your nose.  To be specific, you’ll nose, plum, some cherry and blackberries.  On the palate, you’ll be immersed in tastes of aged fruits, and oak all backed by a finely managed tannic structure. This full bodied wine produces a long and enjoyable finish.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $19.95.

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 5.