So far, in our wine label design review this month, you’ve seen wines that hang on simplicity, vintage, community, and true vintner branding all of which were commended by our designers. Today, we bring you a different type of label, and one that the designers asked that I save until the end; Bear Flag Wines, Smooth Red Wine.

About the Design: from our designers
Today’s wine label is a lesson in too much can really be too much. Though one can argue that the bright colours that dress the label are cause for attraction, the decal used to send a message through imagery, causes a sense of confusion. Confusing the consumer through your packaging and design can be prohibitive in your quest to get that bottle to your customers home. Confusion through labelling becomes extra difficult for that wine buyer not yet learned of region and varietal as they’ll have no way of ascertaining how choice, their choice truly is.

In closing, though we understand the use of the bear and its relation to flag of California that was, unfortunately, all we understood.

About the Wine
Though Bear Flag’s Smooth Red Wine didn’t perform so well with our designers, its contents surely performed well on the palate.

On colour, this red blend holds a dark garnet red hue and on the nose, red berry scents of strawberry, raspberry and some light blackberry are noticed. On the palate, you are greeted by a great blend of fruit tastes and well balanced tannins, giving you a medium length finish.

Bear Flag’s Smooth Red Wine is the kind of wine you can feel comfortable pairing with your casual food fare, such as a Monday night pizza. As the bottle dressing outlines, its smooth nature makes this an easy to drink, everyday red wine, and if you don’t believe us, the Bear Flag wine site itself, calls this red a “California table wine”. In essence, the perfect, non-pretentious drink for the enthusiast who just wants to enjoy an uncomplicated glass of  wine.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $12.95.

We gave this wine a score of 3.75 out of 5.