Having as many friends that I do, who are either vegetarians or deciding to watch what they eat, with the intent to use the stored/saved calorie counts for the upcoming holiday dinners (does this even work), my meal selections can be somewhat tricky, especially when looking to pair light food fare, with red wine.  Nonetheless, last Saturday, it was my determination mixed with their calorie count damnation that set me out on  a path to find a light red to pair my small dinner party. I decided that a Red Burgundy (Pinot Noir) and  a Beaujolais (Gamay) would be fitting, and it’s the Beaujolais that we’ll be sharing thoughts about here.

After careful deduction, I decided to go with Villa Ponciago La Réserve Fleurie 2011; both its crystalline rock terroir and history (Villa Ponciago’s history can be traced back to 949 AD) made me think it would be a winner and fit for the audience that were scheduled to behold it. On colour, this Beaujolais was  a solid garnet red, and on the nose, light intensity playing on plum, some herbaceousness and musk like smells. On the plate, its abundant fruit tastes become known. You’ll pick up tastes of strawberry, raspberry, and when paired with our Morbier cheese one guest even exclaimed, “This is perfect. I feel like I am eating cheese and berries”.

Though our description of the nose may not seem enticing, I encourage you to not let that hinder your decision. Villa Ponciago La Réserve Fleurie 2011 is a fantastic tasting wine that will pair well with your lighter foods such as salads, shrimp, smoked fish and of course soft cheese, such as the Morbier that we used that evening.

To my friends, the last thing I’ll say is that though I’ve got an array of light red wines to discover, I am seriously looking forward to the dinners where calorie counts are not in effect, and we can get heavier with the food, and of course the wine! Cheers~

This wine retails at the LCBO for $21.95.

We gave this wine a 4 out of 5.