December Snow Flakes

We wrapped up Novembers wine label design theme and are now ready to move on to our December focus, Wines That Give Back.

December has traditionally been that time of year where we donate time, food, gifts and monetary tithes, individually, through our workplaces, and through any other fellowship group we may belong to, so we thought what a better time could their be to focus on wines that give back, than now. I’ll start by saying this, however, aggregating a list of at least six wines that give back was more difficult than we thought, but we think we’ve amassed a magnificent display of different regions, varietals and different examples of charitable activity, and given the scarcity of this information, we’re going to continue to track wines that we come across that give back, regardless of the month.

Before we close this introductory message, we’d be amiss not to mention the wines we’ve already covered this year, who continuously donate part of their proceeds to charity:

Daniel Lenko, Chardonngay Chardonnay: Talk about blending drinking excellent wine, with a good cause, and Daniel Lenko’s Chardonngay should come to mind. The Daniel Lenko Estate Winery, in support of Canada’s diverse gay culture, donates $1.00 from every purchase of this Chardonnay, to AIDS research. It’s an easy way to donate, especially because the wine is utterly fantastic.

Celebrity Vintner Ernie Els Cabernet Sauvignon: It’s superior palatable makeup, classes it as one of the better Cabernet Sauvignon’s coming out of this region, and made readily available to us, here. Nonetheless, buying Ernie’s wine will not only leave your palate fulfilled, but your heart a little warm too, as part of the money’s made from the sale of this wine, goes to the Els for Autism foundation.

If you know of a wine that gives back, please be a pal and send us a note. We’d love to cover it here on the WineHobbyist!