Generation Seven Red VQA
As mentioned yesterday, this month we’re dedicating our focus to bringing you coverage of Wines That Give Back, and we’re kicking this months blog theme off with a wine from Château Des Charmes called, Generation Seven Red VQA.

The Charitable Factor
Where do we begin? Château Des Charmes has made a true statement with their Generation Seven wine line, in that their carbon footprint, and community responsibility were top of mind in the creation of the wine and its market campaign. These wines are a part of their seventh generation sustainability thinking that encourages the current generation, and through natural trickle down future generations, to live sustainably. More than just that, this December, Château Des Charmes has upped their tithe to the Meal Exchange and instead of the traditional $0.50 per bottle sold, they are contributing $1.00 per bottle to the charity. Michèle Bosc, of Château Des Charmes, has shared with us that they’ve already raised $70,000 for the cause! That equates to a lot of Generation Seven wines sold, and more Generation Seven Red VQA Backimportantly, a lot of meals through the Meal Exchange.

The Meal Exchange is a national charity that mobilizes youth to work with their communities, in order to alleviate hunger locally. To date, the Meal Exchange programs have been run in over 100 communities across Canada and has generated over $3 million worth of food. You can help to further promote this cause by joining Château Des Charmes 2012 Generation Seven Twitter party, on Thursday December 13th.

About the Wine
Though the Generation Seven line of wines comes in white, red, and newly released Nouveau,  we chose to go with the Red VQA, fitting for the first real snow we’ve seen here in our city. The red wine in this line is a fantastic blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Gamay Noir grapes.  On colour, this red blend holds a dark garnet red hue.  On the nose, some minerality and dark fruit scents are present, such as dark plumb and blackberry, coupled with light oak scents. On the palate, it is a smooth, yet complex, semi dry wine that will continue to surprise and delight the more time it has to breath. Our first sip played heavily on spice, oak and some dark fruit, but going back to the wine only 30 minutes later, produced a more fruit filled taste, with well tempered tannins.

This wine comes highly recommended as a wine fit for everyday enjoyment. We specifically paired it with an interesting take on a chorizo and mushroom risotto.

This wine now retails at the LCBO for $13.95.

We gave this wine a score of 3.75 out of 5.