Oyster Bay Cuvee
With the holidays upon us, the number of festive events we’ll be asked to attend will undoubtedly be high in numbers, and with that, the amount of bubbles you’ll consume will come to new heights, as well. So, with that, we’re giving you another holiday bubbly to consider: Oyster Bay Brut Sparkling Cuvée, out of New Zealand.

Oyster Bay’s Brut Sparkling Cuvée is made 100% from the Chardonnay grape using the Charmat Method. On colour, this sparkling holds a golden hue that houses a fantastic bed of bubbles. On the palate, you’ll be impressed by the frizzante citrus, peach and creamy notes. It is a robust and lively sparkling, with well balanced sugar and acidity, making it a palate friendly sparkling that will more than please your guests.

This sparkling retails at the LCBO for $21.95.

We gave this sparkling wine a score of 4.5 out of 5.