Wine Facts PhotoFun wine facts, fit for your next in-home tasting with your pals!

  1. 1 grape cluster is equal to 1 glass of wine, and 75 grapes is equal to 1 cluster (800 Wine)
  2. Wine grapes rank #1 in the world, for acres planted for any fruit crop (Random Facts)
  3. 1 barrel of wine is equal to 1,180 glasses of wine, which is equal to 24.6 cases of wine (Wine Tours of the World)
  4. The cork oak tree takes 30-35 years before a sapling can produce a stopper thick and consistent enough for wine (Taylor Eason)
  5. There are an estimated 10,00 grape varieties in the world (Beekman Wine)
  6. America’s first wine district was located in Missouri. About 1830 German immigrants, from the Rhine River Valley, settled an area overlooking the Missouri River and produced the first commercially sold wine (Vintner’s Cellar)
  7. The wreck of the TITANIC, holds the oldest wine cellar in the world and despite the depth and wreckage, the bottles are still intact (Greek Wine)
  8. California has more Chardonnay grapes than anyplace in the world (Delish)
  9. Before the invention of thermometers, wine-makers would test the temperature of the liquid by sticking their thumb in it, to see if it was the proper temperature for adding the yeast culture. This became known as “ the Rule of Thumb” (Professor’s House)
  10. In the entire Old Testament, only the book of Jonah makes no reference to wine and or vines (Random Facts)
  11. Oenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine (10 Facts About)
  12. The average glass of wine (5oz) holds 125 calories (Wine Hobbyist’s countless diet research!!)
  13. And lastly, for good measure, over half the hospitals in more than 65 of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States report that they offer alcoholic beverages to their patients. We need to adopt this in Canada (Listverse)