Quinta de Ventozelo Vintage Port 2002Lately, if you’ve dined with me, you are no doubt starting notice the compulsory order of port at the end of each meal. You see, it was not until a friend came back from a visit to Portugal with a fine bottle of Port that I started to stand up and take notice of all that this fortified wine had to offer.  I will admit that up until this point, my experience with fortified wines have been slim, as I tend to steer away from sweeter drinks. Nonetheless, like any type of spirit or wine, there is a good chance that you’ve not explored the category enough to learn what it is that you like and truly dislike, if you are unable to clearly articulate your experience with it, and this, shamefully, describes my relationship with port, which I have made a claim to change, through deeper exploration. Nonetheless, as we get deeper in exploring ports, we’re noting that today marks the day that we post our first Port review, Quinta De Ventozelo Vintage Port 2002, out of the Douro region in Portugal.

On colour, this vintage port produces a dark purple hue that is profoundly rich to the eye. On the nose, scents of cassis and an abundance of black fruit are present. The Quinta De Ventozelo 2002 Vintage port produces an impeccable full creamy taste on the palate along with well tempered tannins, and tastes of black cherries and light  spice.

We paired this port with a formidable blue cheese and found the two worked more than just harmoniously together. Also, FYI, about an hour before you are ready to drink this port, stand it upright to allow the sediment to float to the bottom of the bottle.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $42.95

We gave this wine a score of 4.5 out of 5