Montecillo Reserva 2007
Made in Rioja Spain, the Montecillo Reserva 2007, composed completely from the Tempranillo grape, is an award winning wine produced by the Bodegas Montecillo winery, created by long time wine maker Maria Martinez and distributed by Osborne Wines.

To be classed a ‘Reserva’ in Spain, a wine must be aged in a barrel or bottle for three years, giving the wine additional time to age and soften before it reaches your homes.  The required aging also gives you some solace in knowing the wine should react well with your palate, providing a sense of smoothness, and this was the case with Bodegas Montecillo, Montecillo Reserva 2007.

On colour, the Montecillo Reserva 2007 holds a light ruby red hue.  On the nose, we picked up an almost caramel and creamy buttery smell.  On the palate, you immediately take notice of the wines refined tannins, as the wine is impeccably smooth, with some herbaceousness that provides astute body, and hints of the Bordeaux barrels the wine was aged in for 18 months, also rings through.

This is another fantastic wine from wine maker Maria Martinez, and a must try if you’ve decided to expand your Spanish wine experience.  Our experience here now has us on the hunt for Bodegas Montecillo’s Gran Reserva.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $18.55

We gave this wine a 5 out of 5