Polesina Malvazija 2010

Polesina Malvazija 2010, from Croatia, is our fifth wine in our ‘wine regions and varietals we often don’t talk about’, January feature. Before even tasting this wine, we checked out the Polesina site to get a better understanding of who they were. Once we read the below, we started to gain an affinity for them:

“It is our desire, through the story of Polesina, to acquaint all our friends with the development of viticulture and wine making in Croatia and beyond …”

And that is exactly what he hope to help with, by introducing our friends to their wines!

Polesina Malvazija is made 100% from Malvasia grape, and though this grape varietal is not often talked about, at its peek, in Sicily alone, more than 2.6 million gallons of the Malvasia grape were produced annually.

On colour, the Polesina Malvazija 2010 holds a golden yellow hue and on the nose, fantastic green apple, pear, apricot, and lemon are noted.  (I must make it clear how mesmerizing the nose was on this wine  – just delightful). On the palate,  mineral notes, citrus and some spice make this an intriguing and refreshing wine, complete with a medium finish.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $13.95

We gave this wine a 3.75 out of 5.