This weekend, I announced that I would be bringing two Canadians and  a New Zealander to dinner, and of course I was referring to the wines I was bringing to a dinner party. The New Zealander I had tag along with me was Dashwood Pinot Noir 2010, from New Zealand’s Marlborough region.

On colour, the Dashwood Pinot Noir is calming ruby red, and on the nose, scents of cherry, cocoa, and raspberry are present. On the palate, you’ll find that this wine is decidedly fruit forward, but with the complexities that bring well tempered tannins, well integrated acidity, black cherry, raspberry and some spice to the mouth, with a medium to long finish.

We paired the Dashwood Pinot Noir 2010 with a coconut spaghetti squash soup that had just enough ambrosial flavouring that when you took sip for sip, soup to wine, the Pinot Noir took the shape of a more earthy and full bodied drink, creating a more than compatible comfort pairing.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $21.95

We gave this wine a score of 4.5/5